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Crisis as reason for decision

Dear friends,

What we are currently observing in our outside world seems so surreal that we feel like we are stuck in the middle of a nightmare. Quite unmistakably, the word crisis has taken on an unprecedented form for us, that has reached the whole population with its horror at the same time like never before. When I wrote the book “Transformation of the Earth” about 14 years ago, I saw in my mind’s eye an event that would be a final decision for every human being as to which way to choose for a new world. My observations of patients who did not get well until they had recognized the personal cause of their illness[1] and started on a new path showed me very clearly that there will be a time when all people will experience this inner insight. Regardless of their possible physical illnesses.

The word illness means in everyday understanding a disturbance of the normal function of an organ or body part, also of the mental, spiritual well-being. That our earth is to be interpreted as a diseased being, none of us will deny. And if we look very carefully we will recognize the people as the cause. So basically – more or less – each of us. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we have gone against the cosmic laws here.

Probably the most elementary law of the cosmos is homeostasis. Homeostasis is a principle that applies to all living beings, to maintain or restore the achieved balance in the face of changing living conditions [2]. The resulting two laws were summarized by the theosophist Alice A. Bailey [3]:

The primary cosmic law is balance through harmony and the secondary cosmic law is balance through conflict[4]. As it appears, we have not sufficiently implemented the primary law “Balance through Harmony”.

In this sense, I see us now at a time and a turning point where it is up to each one of us to choose our future path. Significantly, the word crisis (Greek: krisis) means decision, or rather a contrary turn of events. It is about the decision of each one of us. A decision that should only come from the heart. Here, however, it is necessary that we identify ourselves with our core being – our divinity – with fullest readiness! And this in the sense of an unconditional surrender to the divine order[5].

Dear friends, from this point of view the current world crisis is our great opportunity! Whatever on the superficial level may be the background to this crisis, on the spiritual, the inner world, it works for us as a gift of God. It forces us to look inside. As grotesque as it may seem from the outside, we have the great and unique chance worldwide to use this crisis for our final self-discovery. As I have often described it, this self-discovery corresponds to a fundamental change, a change where a person dominated by the mind is transformed into a heart-dominated child of God. This consciously chosen decision has the effect that our core of being – to which our soul also belongs – shows itself in all our actions. As I myself have experienced personally time and again, a heartfelt prayer can prove to be extraordinarily effective here.

The great challenge for each one of us will probably be not to go into fear[6], but instead to identify ourselves through honest brotherhood. Do not doubt the limitless possibilities of your creative potential. The limitlessness of our creative possibilities is very aptly described by Max Tegmark; Max Tegmark [7] is a physics professor at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is one of the top international specialists in parallel world research. According to Max Tegmark, every decision creates a new universe. “Everything that is possible exists [8],” he says. For all I know, he is right. So ultimately it is a question of choice, our choice. Make your choice and let a universe emerge that is filled with respect for all living things[9] and with the love that holds the whole world together.

If you want to dive deeper, then I would be very happy if you would be present at my online seminar with André Göttler on Sunday, March 29th!

You can register here:


Me Agape


Dieter Broers

[1] This knowledge should lead to taking a different path, according to the motto: knowledge, redemption and liberation.
[2] e.g. in the body household, but in the figurative sense also the tendency of the organism to balance psychic tensions automatically or self-regulating.
[3] https://anthrowiki.at
[4] Conflict means the clash of conflicting concepts or views.
5] The un-personalized All-Creator level.
[6] Duden: Fear = Threat
[7] https://en.wikipedia.org
[8] https://www.welt.de
[9] Which of course includes our earth.

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