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The Full Money initiative has taken off, but major medias are not talking about it

April 1st, about twenty bank windows were have been washed by the supporters of the Initiative Full Money. But how does it come that the big newspapers do not talk about it? I had published an article on 7sky.life written by a 20-Minutes reporter, but when I wanted to show it to a person on its original site, the article was gone. We talked to François de Siebenthal, the leader of the initiative, one of our four orators who are going to speak at the 7sky.life Connection V Lausanne 1st June.

To start, dear François, who is blocking the articles on the Full Money initiative?
It’s the banks that finance all parties. It’s a horror. This is ignoble! Full money is a non-party movement, what is good is that many young people start to take an interest in us and to follow us closely.

What was your action on April 1st?
In several cities in Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Winterthur, … followers of the initiative have washed the windows of banks. It was a success. The police came, but as everything happened in great serenity and olympian calm, and as it was on April 1, they kindly offered us to clean up their police station, too. 99% of people do not know that it is the commercial banks that create the money! Jean Ziegler, who has been following us for more than 10 years, said recently that we had already won, because people are talking about it. For now, 70% of Swiss voters would vote yes. Moreover, we could not make such a constitutional initiative in any other country. There are French and Germans who specially came to live in Switzerland just to be near this historical event. And coincidentally, on June 10, when the vote will take place, the Bilderberg club and the G7 meet in two separate places. The interest of what is going on is immense. Victor Hugo was right in saying: Switzerland, in history, will always have the last word.

How can we explain the Full Money initiative to our friends?
First you should ask them if they knew who creates the Swiss currency? 99% will say that it is the Swiss national bank. Yes, they are also right, but they do not know that 90% of the money is created by private banks who privatize the profits and socialize the losses! … The whole money circulating in Switzerland are therefore debts! Banks create money out of thin air and we have to rent it! We must pay a rent for what belongs to us, for what should belong to us! The Full Money makes us the owners again.
It is high time for us to regain our sovereignty, our seigniorage, on which the Swiss system is based. Basically, we are all kings and queens and the first right of a king and a queen is the right to beat their currency. And as today we no longer have to produce it, they just put numbers in a computer, and it comes back to us 100%. With Full Money, we take back our sovereignty and the creation of money belongs to all Swiss people.

It should nevertheless be known that the SNB announces each year a substantial profit as in 2017 of 54 Mia but in reality this amount amounts to much more, more than 100 billion each year since years and that this difference is hidden and invested abroad when it should, according to the Constitution, reach the cantons for 2/3 and the Confederation for 1/3, which is clearly stated in the Constitution but not respected. It’s a global fraud. People at the top do this voluntarily so that there is misery. In doing so, they kill or shamefully exploit multitudes of people. No more people on our land should be hungry, or lack a roof over their heads. The system is raping the human rights. Once you understand that, you have to reach in a complaint. The Deutsche Bank has more than 7000 lawsuits on its back. Many Swiss have understood that banks are thieves. So the question we are now asking the people is: Who should create our francs? And who will vote for the initiative? All those who are tired of being stolen.

When can we say that the money is full?
When it has a historical meaning. At first there was real money. But with the new historical sense, the new inventions, the increasing productivity, there will be no need for so much debt. The currency must be an asset and not a liability. Own funds, perhaps on the liabilities side of the balance sheet, but as positive equity and not exponential interest debts that are unpayable and impossible over time. We die under the weight of these absurd debts.

Moreover, it is well explained on the pieces of 5 francs. Seek the kingdom of God and his justice and all the rest will be given to you: Dominus providebit with 13 stars, the twelve apostles plus Christ.


The big fight that would liberate everyone is the Full Money, the whole world is a victim, but in Switzerland, we are still lucky. It is high time to restore the truth.

Coco Tache supports

YES for the initiative of full money! Imagine there will be no more debts!


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