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What is Knowledge?… each cell is inhabited by a living soul

Texte: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Generally, knowledge is made a faculty specific to the brain; we have learned and understood, so we have drawn conclusions and we know.

But the knowledge of God who gives eternal life is not only brought to us by the brain.

Or, more precisely, this faculty of understanding and knowing that the brain possesses represents the synthesis of the faculties that all the cells of our organs possess, therefore the cells of the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, sex and also the arms, legs.

Each cell in our body has a small intelligence by which it performs a specific task in the organ of which it is a part. It is therefore the knowledge of all cells, synthesized in the brain, that expresses the intelligence of the entire body; if the intelligence of the cells is reduced, the brain remains obtuse.

To develop his brain and achieve complete knowledge, man must work on all the cells of his body.

Everything is linked and therefore the brain must not be separated from the rest of the body. That is why, day after day, we must think about purifying, invigorating and enlightening the cells of each of our organs, so that their proper functioning is reflected on our brain and improves our understanding of things.

It needs not more that a few cells of the liver, stomach, intestines do not do their work properly, that a person loses part of his mental faculties; no matter how much he reads, studies, in all his reflections and dark tones will be projected, coming from the malfunction of his organs. Even among those who are considered great thinkers, great researchers, how many errors are caused by the deficiencies of the cells of certain organs that hindered their intellectual activity. All these deficiencies of the liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas…. create obstacles somewhere in the brain that hold man back and limit his understanding.

Our body is made up of billions of cells; each cell is inhabited by a living soul and each must rise again.

When all these souls are resurrected, then yes, we can really talk about resurrection, not before.

To rise from the dead is to introduce into oneself every day a new and fresh life, in order to become even more alive. He who is able to do this work of regeneration will enter death alive, for death is in reality only a change of form, and when he returns to future incarnations, he will resume this work until the final resurrection.

All this vegetation that we see born or reborn in spring is an image of the phenomena that will occur in our physical body as well as in our psychological and spiritual bodies, when we will have understood how to live true life.

When we succeed in bringing divine life into every cell of our body, it is only then that we will rise again.

Resurrection is a spiritual process that tears us away from stagnation and inner decomposition.

This process is extremely long and slow; that is why, symbolically, the resurrection has been placed at the end of time. But it is now, immediately, without waiting for the end of anything, that we must undertake this work of resurrection, so that divine life begins to irrigate our inner being and repels everything that does not vibrate in unison with it. The resurrection must be understood as a spiritual process of purification, of enlightenment which, when brought to a certain degree of intensity, eventually produces effects even in the smallest atom of the physical body.

To rise from the dead is to open up passages to divine life in all regions of our being; for the very essence of life is not to remain in place, but to enter everywhere in order to renew everything.

Man will always seek ways to repel old age and death, and cannot be blamed for this, for he has a great work to do on earth and a long life gives him more possibilities. But life belongs to God alone and no matter what man does, he will never succeed in defeating death.

Death, physical death is a law of life, it is part of evolution. Not accepting to leave your physical body, or being afraid to leave it, is a sign that you have not yet understood what real life is like. And how can we say that we love life, that we value life, when we reduce it to the limits of the physical body?

Just as the spiritual life must not be understood independently of the physical body, the physical body can only fully develop if it allows itself to be imbued with the powers of the soul and the spirit in order to become the receptacle of divine life. One day, this receptacle is worn out and we will continue to live elsewhere; and what we experience elsewhere will depend on what we have experienced here, in this existence.

In the Celestial City, which is the new man, the two images of the river and the tree represent the two cosmic principles of love and wisdom. The river is love, and the tree on both sides of the river is wisdom; for wisdom has two sides, and love, which is one, passes under the two.

Wisdom is on the outside, it supports and retains life, it is the form, the container. While love is within, it is the content that animates and vivifies, the quintessence. That is why the tree spans the river; the tree and the river are in the city; as love and wisdom, they are in the man who studies and applies the true teaching of life.

To exist, the new Jerusalem needs the river of love and the tree of wisdom. When love and wisdom reign in every city, that is, in every human being, it will be the Kingdom of God.

As long as we are on earth, there will be day and night. Because the earth is round and rotates in space, we cannot escape this alternation of days and nights. But it is in the human being that there will no longer be night; by love and wisdom he will triumph over darkness, and the light will shine forever in him.




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