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What we are going to be

Oh yes!!!

By Ulrich Schaffer

The new humans are already among us.
With their lives they are working on a new reality
and want to share it with us.
The new man and the new woman will not have the need to be needed, and yet the world will need them to survive.
They will have learned to be complete in themselves.
There will be no talk of the better half and no desire to belong to anyone or anything in order to be valuable.
They will renounce competition, be generous and create situations where everyone wins.
They will be at home in the visible world,
as well as in the world that can only be seen through the eyes of hope. They will be connected to everything that promotes life.
They will know that time is precious, and yet not become restless and impatient. They will be realistic and yet not lose hope.
They will be humans of choice and self-determination.
They do not allow themselves to be lived by others and do not live the lives of others. They have chosen their lives.
They have chosen values and not just inherited them.
They have combined their care for the individual with their care for the world and do not sacrifice one for the other.
They will honor the helpless and help the suffering.
They will know with their being that we are an inseparable family.
They will know that all true change is the change of heart, so they will not be caught with slogans and eulogies.
Their life is balanced, but not without passion
and yet not subject only to their feelings.
They understand that to govern means to serve and to be genuinely responsible. They understand that to hate is to murder, first yourself and then what you hate.
They will see through what has no lasting value and not choose it for themselves. They will not fill their lives with what empties them and distracts them from what is important to them.
They will not be afraid of fear because they have long known that insights can come from fear and insights are often the first step to change.
Their fear doesn’t paralyze them, but it does give them an urgency in which they work diligently and accurately, in the midst of their vision for a better world.
They are not discouraged by the thought of original sin because they believe in the Inheritance Blessing.
Their God has a boundless passion for the world, and from God they learn that passion.
Their life is of one piece.
They cannot hate here and love there,
they cannot despise and promote at the same time,
they cannot be blind to one thing and inattentive to another, because they have long understood that everything is connected, because we have only one heart within us.
These new people will pray for a new world, believe in it, live in it, act in it.
They will not give up, even if things look dark.
Unconditionally they love the world and want to save it,
and nothing will stop them.

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